Relocating To Alaska

If you’re relocating to the Kenai Peninsula,
we’d like to be the first ones to say
“Welcome to the Community!”

Alaska has some of the most beautiful landscapes and scenery in the entire country, and it also has some of the most friendly folks you’ll ever meet.  No matter where you decide to settle on the Kenai Peninsula, our team is here to give you the tips, insights, local area knowledge and a friendly helping hand you need to feel at home.

We Know Alaska Real Estate

As you begin your search for a home, we understand it’s hard to know where to start!

• Where are the best neighborhoods?
• Where are the best schools?
• Which community best fits my lifestyle?
• What kind of home can I expect for my budget?

These questions and more are enough to make any person moving from out of state pull their hair out and wonder where to start.  And that’s why our team of friendly experts are here to step up and help make your move easy.  You have enough stress with everything else.  The last thing you want is a real estate Realtor that doesn’t understand your situation and more importantly, know the area inside and out!

More Than A Realtor

Yes, we are experts when it comes to finding great homes and negotiating the best possible price for our clients, but we’re so much more than that; especially for our clients moving in from out of state.

First, and foremost we’re a friend you can trust. The Baxter Group goes above and beyond to make sure our out of state clients are fully informed and prepared when they purchase a home in Alaska. We want you to love Alaska as much as we do, and we do everything possible to make your relocation to the Kenai Peninsula and surrounding areas a wonderful experience.

Second, we look after your best interests. So many realtors out there forget that a real estate transaction involves peoples lives and future; not us. We’re not here to sell the most homes or make the biggest commission. We’re here to do what’s best for you and your family. We want to help you find a home and neighborhood that you can love and enjoy for as long as you stay with us in Alaska!

And last, we are a resource you can use for any questions throughout your move. Even if it’s not real estate related, we’re here to help answer any questions you have. Whether it’s questions about the weather, local schools, or even the best place to go fishing, we’re at your disposal.